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    Rogers Investigations is Idaho’s Premier Surveillance and Investigation Company. We understand that hiring a Private Investigator can be a difficult decision. Although the alternative of not knowing the truth is far more destructive. We handle every case with unparalleled devotion. If we are unable to provide results we will notify you and help find an alternative solution.

    Surveillance - Surveillance, done right, is the most common solution for either insurance defense or infidelity cases. Our surveillance experts have been through extensive training and have years of experience providing you with high quality results. Each case is analyzed with the client to determine the best time to survey the subject. Some cases are performed around the clock, by multiple investigators, and have sometimes lead us out of State. We have years of experience and have mastered this technique. Leave surveillance to a private investigator to avoid stalking and harassment charges.

    Insurance Investigations - The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs at least $80 billion each year, or almost $950 per family. Insurance fraud is one of America's largest consumer rip-offs. This $80-billion annual crime spree keeps everyone’s insurance premiums higher, costs jobs, and robs people of their savings. Rogers & Associates, LLC teams with local and national insurance fraud prevention associations in an effort to reduce fraudulent claims. Our history in Idaho and background give us an advantage in our investigations. Our primary goal during each investigation is to ensure clear communication with our client and provide accurate documentation and evidence. The most common solution for an insurance investigation is to conduct surveillance and capture on video, the activities the claimant does throughout the day or night. The art of this investigation comes in the ability to stay two to three steps ahead of the claimant at all times and the ability to discover the activities of the subject. Civil, criminal, and motor vehicle records are a few places we are able to obtain information on the claimant. Some circumstances necessitate a great deal of foot work and person to person contact in order to gather information necessary to complete an assignment. Years of experience and advanced training give Rogers & Associates the necessary tools to conduct these investigations.

    Divorce / Infidelity - The unfortunate circumstance of a divorce or an unfaithful partner is typically very sensitive. Emotions are high and there can be a lot on the line. Surveillance and video evidence can be beneficial for anyone faced with this situation. Video and Photo evidence proves beneficial in any court case and will help bring closure to a painful relationship. The cost of surveillance is a fraction of what may be awarded in court or agreed upon after proof has been revealed of infidelity. The evidence can be painful but not knowing the truth is far more destructive.

    Child Custody - Children are our future! It is vital that children have a healthy home and are raised in a safe environment. Unfortunately some parents don't have this same point of view and possess unsafe practices. At Rogers & Associates, LLC we take these cases with extreme care. For parents that are in a custody battle and have reason to believe that their child may be in unsafe care we offer several different options. These circumstances are best suited for the use of surveillance and video footage of the parents activities. If while conducting surveillance we feel a child is endangered in anyway the police will be notified which can also help your case. We can also provide background checks and polygraphs. All our investigators have their own children and treasure their life opportunities. It is important to understand that our investigators primary focus is for the best interest of the child.

    Video and Still Photo - Video and Digital Photos is indisputable evidence sure to help any court case. Insurance defense; video is the most common way to secure your case against a padded or faulty claim. Infidelity cases; video proves to be beneficial in the unfortunate event of a divorce or in the event you chose to work on the relationship.

    GPS - If you suspect your partner of being dishonest it may be beneficial to track them for a few days. Tracking can be a less expensive way to determine what your partner is doing. GPS tracking is used as a tool to determine the whereabouts of a vehicle. We use the most advanced tracking device manufactured offering exceptionally accuracy and sensitive positioning. This system will provide location history with full address and date and time. The device is easy to hide and install. The Investigator will walk you through the process and is simple enough for a three year old. We are also able to log engine hours, miles, and speed. The device is rugged and water resistant. Battery will last 10 -21 days.

    Polygraph - There is no question that in recent years polygraph testing has gained increasingly widespread acceptance as a useful and reliable scientific tool. The science of polygraphs has progressed to a level of acceptance sufficient to allow the use of polygraph evidence in limited circumstances. The American Polygraph Association has been striving for three decades to improve the educational standards of its members, and the polygraph schools it accredits which, with some exceptions, currently require its applicants possess a minimum degree at the baccalaureate level.

    Interviews - How do we approach interviews: Professionally, Proper dress, Proper language, Respect. Interviews make airtight cases: We use technology to our advantage, tapes, videos, computer, etc. We elicit admissions from witnesses/suspects, which will corroborate on-scene observations, lock subjects into a story.

    We use Focused Interviewing Techniques which are designed for fluid dynamic environments, works in charged atmosphere, and is applicable to adults and juveniles.

    Focused Interviewing gives us the ability to understand the process of selective attention where a person's fears and anxieties are channeled toward the thing which presents the greatest immediate threat to his/her well being. This knowledge helps us to bring closure to the interview and the investigation.

    Other services upon request

    Boise Private Investigator

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