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    Johnson Investigations




    CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: Doing investigations for attorneys of those accused of criminal acts (sexual-assault or abuse, robbery, burglary, homicide, backgrounding experts to be used at trial, etc.), making reports of alleged criminal acts at businesses for insurance companies, and investigating equivocal-death cases (was it suicide, homicide, accident, natural causes) for private parties.

    MISSING PERSONS: Various kinds of missing-persons cases are handled: long-lost loves, out-of-touch family members, missing witnesses, runaway teenagers, skipped debtors, deadbeat dads (or moms), persons who are missing for unknown reasons, etc.

    PROCESS SERVING: Delivering any legal document requiring service of process: subpoena, divorce papers, child-custody documents, small claims, magistrate summons/complaint, civil summons, letters of demand for payment, landlord-tenant eviction notice, etc.

    SURVEILLANCE: Stationary or moving surveillance of persons or properties for various reasons and, if you wish, photographing or videotaping them: checking on possible cheating spouses, determining or verifying someone's location, checking individuals for compliance with company policies or legal regulations, determining or verifying someone's activities, etc. (Note: workers' comp. surveillance is no longer done.)

    TELEPHONE SEARCHES, ETC: Obtaining names and addresses for phone numbers, obtaining phone numbers from other information, obtaining phone records of incoming and outgoing calls, obtaining addresses from P.O. boxes, obtaining someone's most recent employment on record, etc.

    WITNESS INTERVIEWS: Interviewing witnesses and recording their statements in written or in taped format, done legally and with a view toward court presentation. Voluntary sworn statements may be taken.  Interrogations may be performed on suspected individuals using current methodologies.  Of course, witnesses might have to be located first as mentioned above.

    BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS: These may include any or all of the following: credit checks, driving-record checks, employment verification, criminal background checks, education verification, civil-record checks, licensing verification, and asset/property checks.
    Johnson Investigations

    Background Investigations

  • Home
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  • witness interviews

  • Certificates and Affiliations  
  • identity theft
  • insurance investigations

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