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    AZ PI Licence # 1003591

    American Process - Legal Support Services offers more than 34 combined years of experience through it's affiliates.  We provide all legal support services including private investigations needed by the general public (Pro-Per's), small businesses with limited resources, legal departments of large corporations, and to the legal community.

    Over the years of doing business, our company has established many contacts throughout the country.  This enables us to have access to numerous databases, both local and nation wide.  We can provide national service to our customers when there is a need to find a witness, defendant, respondent or anyone that needs to be located. 

    We can also obtain investigative services from other states.  When serving legal process of court documents, we are authorized to obtain as much information as necessary to effect service.

    It has been rewarding to our company to know that we can help in a way the expedites the judicial process so that everyone will benefit.


    It is the policy of American Process to know our clients before we actually provide any personal and private information.  All new clients must provide our company with proper identification and a specific reason for the information they are requesting.  If we do not know who our client is and what their true intentions are, we will not provide information that could be used to harm someone. 

    Because of our privacy policy, we must decline any assignment from a customer that does not meet our standard.  We accept the possibility that we might lose some business from time to time, but we believe that this is a cheap price to pay for having a clear conscience and not being the unwitting accessory to a crime.  It would be the best deal we ever made.  Of course this only applies to clients we are unsure of.  The client who is looking for an ex-wife, an old girlfriend, or classmate.  It will not apply to the law firms we do locates for, or any commercial client that we do skip traces, or find and interview witnesses for.

    It has been our experience that legitimate clients have no problem with this policy and they often see it as a sign of dealing with a reputable and ethical investigation firm.


    For missing person cases, our policy is that when a person is located, his or her location is not reported to the client.  The investigator must either contact the located person and request their permission to disclose their location to the client, or we can simply pass on a letter from the client to the found party.


    Asset search information to enforce recovery of a judgment or court order will require a copy of the judgment or court order.  A copy of any agreements submitted by the judgment debtor and all information in your possession regarding the judgment debtor will assist in expediting our search for assets. 


    All background investigations require the name, date of birth, social security number, current and previous addresses and current or last employer.


    Police reports are obtained from the law enforcement agency investigating the incident.  This information is important if you have been involved in an auto accident or have suffered some kind of loss.  It will provide the names, addresses, and sometimes the phone numbers of the witnesses.  It will also provide the names, phone numbers, and addresses of the other parties involved incase they did not produce proof of insurance.


    Witness interviews are conducted to obtain pertinent information regarding most personal injury cases.  In most cases, the witness name, address, and phone number can be found on the police report.  These interviews can be conducted in both English and Spanish.


    We can make contact with the other party and request proof of insurance, so that you may process your claim in a prompt manor.  If the other party is uninsured, we request that they sign an affidavit of "no insurance" so that you may contact your insurance agent regarding your uninsured or under insured policy.


    An appearance will be made by investigation personnel at legal proceedings to support developed or documented information.


    All investigations and legal support services can be conducted in English or Spanish and a complete translation can be provided from Spanish to English.


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