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Taylor, Michigan Private Investigator Spousal Infidelity Background Checks
Curtis Holder
P.O. Box 1732
Taylor, MI 48180
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    Legendary Investigations


    Below you will find a list of common signs that a cheating spouse may exhibit.

    The signs of cheating can vary for each individual. Some people are quite simply better at deception than others. Signs of cheating will often be explained by the cheater as a coincidence. They will often come up with more and more excuses for these signs and how you are simply perceiving them.

    These signs of cheating may become quite obvious to others outside the relationship. This is due to the fact that many people cannot get past the denial stage of an extramarital affair. They simply could not believe that their spouse or mate could be involved in such deception. You just can't believe this could be happening in your relationship so you will make excuses for the signs of cheating yourself!

    ~ Cheaters may have a change in sex life (I.e. more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests.

    ~The cheater has a definite change in attitude towards everyone in the home, especially the mate.

    ~ sudden change in appearance (clothes, working out)

    ~ secrecy on the computer/Internet

    ~ hang up phone calls

    ~ unexplained absences

    ~ constantly working late ( it should be on their pay stub)

    ~ your gut feeling something is up (intuition is real)

    If any of these signs of cheating are familiar to you, you may already have a problem. Whatever you do, DON'T confront them about this- at least not yet. They may go to extra lengths to hide this affair from you and you may never find out. You need solid proof before confronting them and ultimately deciding what to do with what remains of your relationship.  If the state that you reside in considers adultery as a valid reason for granting divorce, you NEED unbiased testimony and proof from a professional in order for the evidence to stand up in court.  Testimony from friends and family are nice but a judge will perceive this type of testimony as a one sided opinion. You may not get what is rightfully yours if you go at this situation alone!

    Do you have a feeling your mate is chatting to someone other than you on the Internet? Do you want to check up on him or her? We now offer a service that we refer to as "Trap Chat" For a small fee of $50.00 we will contact your mate via Instant messenger and flirt with him or her to determine whether or not they have a wandering eye.. We will send you full transcripts of the conversations as well as any pictures that were sent. There is no time limit set on this service and the fee is non - recurring.

    If you suspect your mate is using a dating site to correspond with others there will be additional fees included. 
    Contact us
    Curtis G. Holder
    PI License # 3701201411

    Legendary Investigations
    P.O. Box 1732
    Taylor, Mi 48180

    Legendary Investigations

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    A happy, new 'ex-wife'

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