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    Sharp One Investigations


    Missing Persons Investigations

    Some of us have learned the hard way that finding a person who has skipped out on their responsibilities and obligations can be a costly, and time-consuming task. We've also learned that it can be almost impossible to find someone that doesn't want to be found.  But thankfully, through today's highly-developed technology this process is getting a little easier.   We now often hear about situations where long-lost relatives and friends are reunited because of one person's relentless efforts in that process, and I suspect you're that person in this case.

    We have several techniques available to all of us that isn't just limited to professional investigators, and I believe it makes sense to pursue these avenues before reaching out for professional assistence.  Through our experiences in this industry we've found that there are some common threads in all cases which can determine the ultimate outcome of such searches.   What we encourage all of our potential clients to do before they make the decision to pay us to help them is to look at all the options available to them.   Here's where we need to start:  Ask yourself these questions before you go any further with your decision to get help with your search.   Be honest with yourself - no one else's opinion matters at this point!

    What is the real motivation for my search?   

    Am I truly committed to doing whatever is possible (through legal means) to find that person?  

    Those two items, above all else will determine the potential for success in your search.

    Looking for a lost friend or loved one, and trying to recover child support money is usually two of the most common reasons people (just like you) hire a Private Investigator.  That being said, it is true we get all types of case, for all types of reasons.   So don't be overly concerned that you've reached a dead end in your efforts and need to ask for our help afterall, it's what we're here for. 

    A few additional keys we've found in cases where we were conducting a "people search" includes;

    The amount of time which  has passed since your last contact with the person is a major factor.   The more information on the person's last whereabouts the better our chances are of finding them in a timely manner.   Remember, the longer the hunt, the more expensive it will become, so any information you can bring with you can speed up the process of completing the case.   We pride ourself at S.O.I.  in completing all skip-traces, and people search cases in the quickest time-frame possible. 

    We believe that if we can provide you with a worthy service at a reasonable cost the more likely the chance you'll recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

    Before you seek professional help (such as S.O.I.) you need to put together all the information you can on your missing person.  Don't leave anything out!  You never know which detail could be the missing link in your case.   Gathering this information before we go to work on your case means we won't have to spend the same amount of time doing it, thus the cost savings to you is significant.    But,  as busy as we all are you may simply not have the time to do so, we understand.   With some basic information (ie; SSN or DL#, or last known address)about the person you're looking for, we can get busy helping you track them down.  

    HERE'S ANOTHER SUGGESTION:  One thing you can do with a minimal amount of time invested is the most common action taken in a people search.    Utilize an on-line telephone directory assistance.  With or without knowing where the person is currently living you stand a good chance of tracking them down this way.   Believe it or not, there are several free sites available such as the Internet-based white pages, as well as several others that charge only a small fee for much needed information in your case such as a current phone number, or email address.  

    With some reasonable effort on your part, and just a few well-spent dollars you may be able to locate your missing person fairly quickly, and with a big savings to your wallet.   Look, it's not that we don't want your business, but if we can help you save money while you're able to successfully find the person your seeking then we've done our job, regardless if we get paid for it.  

    If you decide to do business with Sharp One Investigations you'll find rather quickly, we're not your average Private Investigative firm.  We actually do care more about treating people right than we do about making money!

    But let's say despite all your efforts your search still comes up empty (which is probably why you're looking at our site now) we can certainly help you!   Our investigators have a multitude of more advanced techniques available to them. More complex computerized records, credit bureau reports, access to little-known public records, along with numerous other resources.  One thing they have that you may not, is their experience.    Our staff has been professionally trained and have spend years in various career fields where they've become very successful investigators.  
    So why don't you let our experience go to work for you.  

    Some of the knocks on the P.I. profession comes from bad experiences clients have had with those that operate their business with less than the best of intentions.   Long periods of time without any information or updates.  Being put off or ignored whenever a client asks a question.   No reply to voice-mail messages, or email requests.   Just more and more money poured into an investigation going nowhere.    There are stories out there that often make us ashamed of the actions of some folks that claim the same profession we do.   Profit margins control a lot of companies and individuals. 
    I once heard a very smart man say;   "When money becomes your master,things will happen that never should."

    At Sharp One Investigations we assure you, this will not be your experience.  

    All phone calls are answered immediately if at all possible.  All messages are replied to promptly.   All cases are updated with the client on a regular basis.  You will always know where your case stands, and that is a guarantee you can hold us to.   We have the experience, (unlike some of our competitors) required for these advanced skip- tracing , and people search cases.   Typically we'll be able to find your person much faster than you would on your own, and with much less expense than many of our competitors will charge you.

    Unfaithful Spouse Investigations

    In the case of proving marriage infidelity the investigative process is obviously much different than with a search for a missing person.   As a Christian-based company we never like to see these type of cases come our way, yet many of our staff (self included) have suffered through this same process.  Unfortunately, we can personally relate to what you're going through, so your not just another case, it really is personal for us!  If you find yourself in this situation today there is no better help to seek than that of a compassionate and caring group of people, such as our staff at Sharp One Investigations

    We will not only handle your investigation discreetly and with respect but we will also pray for your situation as well.  We don't preach, we pray!

    We all know a Divorce can cause extensive damage in the lives of all those involved.    Unfortunately, often times the people that suffers the most is not the spouse that causes the relationship to reach such a desperate point, but rather the faithful
    partner, and innocent children.   From psychological issues, to financial disaster, Divorce caused by an unfaithful partner can leave very deep and long-lasting scars.   And that's why it's so important to leave nothing for chance in these situations. 

    If you believe your spouse is cheating on you - get proof.  Simple as that!

    If you suspect he/she is hiding money from you for a new beginning with another person, or simply doesn't want you to have your fair share of it, you need to find where the accounts are and just how much is being hidden.   You need all of this information long before you ever walk into a court room, or a conference room looking to reach an out-of court agreement, or a judgment in your favor.  Don't wait until it's too late.   There are extremely large, and long lasting issues at stake in these situations, so in these types of cases you need to seek professional investigative assistance, rather than use the do-it-yourself measures that we discussed in a search for a missing person.  

    At Sharp One Investigations we can assist you in this process by;

    • Developing evidence to substantiate your suspicions and claims
    • Track down and identify key witnesses
    • Assist in the serving of legal documents
    • Provide videotaped or photographic evidence
    • Testify in court as to the evidence found in your investigation

    Child support, alimony, housing needs, and most of all a peace of mind that your suspicions were either founded or not, there are so many issues at stake here.    If you suspect infidelity we can get you the true facts in the situation.   Again, be clear about this - don't wait until it's too late to begin this process!  In today's Divorce court you need all the leverage you can get in order to receive a settlement or judgment in your favor.   

    Due to the large amount of information included about our Workers Compensation Investigations we have displayed it on a separate page. Please click on our W/C Fraud page for assistance. 

    Sharp One Investigations

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