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    Beneficial Investigation Services, Inc.


    Investigation Services

    Corporate Investigations:

    Businesses often have specialized problems, such as outside salesman not performing, non-compete violations, theft of proprietary processes, etc. While each case is inherently different, our experience with these types of matters allows our company to formulate an effective investigative strategy to protect the client's interests.

    Undercover Operatives:

    Businesses also sometimes experience difficult problems within their own workforce. This can range from drug use in a warehouse or factory, to willful destruction of property, etc. Often the most effective solution to solve the problem is to have one of our investigators pose as an employee. This allows the gathering of a wide variety of information without alienating those employees who are not part of the problem. In most cases, far more information can be obtained by interacting with employees as opposed to solely relying on cameras. Furthermore, this allows the company to act on valid and court admissible evidence without other employees knowing of the undercover at all.

    Marital Investigations:

    Marital investigations are regrettably one of the most difficult and yet necessary investigations performed. When dealing with the possibility of infidelity in a marriage, there are a variety of both emotional, financial, and legal reasons to determine the facts.

    Most often, a spouse merely suspects that something may be occurring. By detailing a spouse's activities, surveillance can verify the activities of the spouse to bring peace of mind, no matter what the outcome. If the spouse's activities prove to be harmless, it relieves the continuing anxiety associated with their absence. If the spouse is found to be committing adultery, while not pleasant, it allows the client to know the truth. It is difficult to know how to deal with the problem without knowing what that problem may be.

    The client is typically looking to accomplish two things. First, if the spouse if seeing someone, determine if it is occurring, who is the other person, and what is the relationship.  Second, to detail the spouse's activities when they have the most opportunity to alleviate any anxiety.

    Background Investigations:

    Beneficial also provides a wide variety of Background Investigations that can be tailored to the customers particular situation or need. Beyond the online background investigations listed, there are a variety of other areas of a subject's history that can be investigated and verified. Investigations of brokers for investment companies, employees of nursing homes, drivers of fuel trucks, and teachers all require and emphasis on different areas. We review the client's specific need and offer flat fee background investigations designed for each case or client.

    Child Custody:

    Child Custody Investigations can vary depending on each individual situation. In some cases, surveillance is required to document the care being provided to a child. In other cases, the parents activities outside of direct child care are detailed, i.e., drug use, drinking and driving, etc. While in still other cases, background investigations of individuals that the parent is leaving the child with are more of an issue. In every case, we attempt to determine which area of investigation is most relevant, often working with the client's attorney to achieve the most effective results.

    Cohabitation Investigation:

    Cohabitation Investigations are typically conducted after a divorce to modify alimony or determine if there is a violation of a court order. The majority of divorce decrees specify that the alimony amount could be altered if the other spouse marries, or lives with someone. It is important for the client to speak to their attorney and/or review their divorce decree carefully to determine the use of the investigation. Cohabitation investigations are designed to verify that another adult is living at the house with the subject. This is verified through a variety of means including direct surveillance with video and any records found to confirm this fact.

    Family Leave Act Investigation:

    The recently enacted Family Leave Act provides for unpaid leave for employees who meet certain criteria. As the employee is typically not paid for this leave, there is little incentive for widespread abuse. However, the abuse has arisen by employees that have been refused vacation at certain times to insure employee coverage. Employees then go out under the guise of this act leaving companies large and small understaffed. This is more common around certain holidays. While each situation is different, given the stated purpose of leave, investigation attempts to verify that the employee is taking the time for the required purpose.


    Beneficial Investigation Services, Inc.

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