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    Investigation Resource Service


    Dallas/Fort Worth Workman's Comp Investigations. 1-888-732-0593

    Investigation Resource Service is a Texas licensed private investigation company. Our president/CEO has over 30 years experience as a DFW Workman's Comp fraud investigator. We offer a full line of Texas Insurance Company private investigation needs. From location of witnesses to the research of any Texas county records. Through our TX Insurance Co. fraud investigation unit we can facilitate any type of TX Workman's Comp investigation.

    Does your employee appear to be working but your not seeing the results? Let Our Dallas forensic Analyst find out we can check internet and chat history and much more
    Do you want to know what your employees are viewing or who or what they are emailing when they should be working?? Call our Dallas Fort Worth computer investigators today and we'll find out for you.
    Is your employee blowing off his work but stays glued to the computer? Let our DFW computer investigator help you find out by running a computer forensic scan and find out once and for all what he is doing.


    Detect and recover evidence from hard drives concerning:
    • Fraud
    • Data Theft
    • Data Misappropriation
    • Breach of Contract
    • Software Infringement
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Trade Secret Misappropriation
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Embezzlement
    • Trademark/Copyright Infringement
    • Child Pornography
    • Time Line Reconstruction
    • Locate Unknown Email accounts
    • Scan Registry files
    • Open locked and deleted files
    • Analysis of company computers to determine employee activity

    For further information on our Computer Forensics Services
    please go here

    Investigation Resource Service, a Dallas private investigation company, specializes in comprehensive Dallas Fort Worth TX Workman's Comp activity checks that can be used to disprove injuries or verify secondary jobs. We can conduct background checks on claimants that include, prior activities, past employers, credibility and image capturing surveillance.  In over 65% of our insurance co. assignments our Fort Worth, Dallas TX Workman's comp investigations we were able to expose the fraud of alleged Dallas, TX claimant injury and secondary employment by digital image.  After numerous court testimonies of our findings, we are experts at court evidence presentation. Our SIU trained investigators understand the requirements of the TX insurance industry and we excel at written reports, recommendation and summary.

    Investigation of Dallas Fort Worth TX Workman's comp claims is the training ground for the experience gleaned by our investigators to conduct surveillance.  The photo and video camera image capture of, TX working claimants, is what we excel at. The investigation of Dallas, TX Workman's Comp assignments for insurance companies is the staple of our DFW Workman's Comp investigation unit.

    Self Insured TX claimant injury verification:

    Our TX licensed Dallas Fort Worth private investigation corporate division has testified in 100's of cases involving self-insured TX small business owners protecting themselves from fraudulent litigation claims from x-employees or the invited public. We have successfully investigated TX on premises injury claims for numerous self insured business over the last decade.

    We collect debts and can, through our staff attorney file any type of law suit to facilitate collection or defend demands. We understand the principal of due process, deep pockets and negligence. We have handled the investigation of 100's of TX self-insured injury verifications.

    Dallas Fort Worth TX White Collar Fraud:

    Through our Fort Worth investigators knowledge of the Tarrant County District Attorneys white collar fraud department we can compile evidence from our investigation of a perpetrator in the Tarrant Dallas area. If this evidence involves a Tarrant or Dallas county resident defrauding a victim anywhere, we can put together a package, present it to the DA's office and get a criminal indictment. E-Bay broken promises... car sales gone bad... up front fee collection... We can help!

    We specialize in comprehensive Texas corporate managerial candidates background checks. We can interview neighbors, do asset checks, pull any newspaper article on subject ever published. We do TX corporate campus bug sweeps for illegal listening/video devices. We have expertise in the handling of investigation and enforcement of TX non-compete contracts.

    For 10 years Investigation Resource Service TX Private Investigation Company has been a trend setter in the Dallas Fort Worth TX area of business related private investigation. From self insured Dallas small business litigation, to Workers Comp investigations, we have successfully produced evidence to substantiate our clients position in 100's of court tested cases. Now we are going a step further and introducing our Private Investigation Forensic Computer Analysis Department.

    Our Texas corporate private investigation security clients have included:

    • McDonald's (embezzlement Dallas/Fort Worth Workman's Comp fraud investigation)
    • Zale Corporation (debt collection, asset recovery, Dallas TX Workman's Comp fraud)
    • Truly Nolan (enforcement of employee non-compete agreements, Dallas Workman's Comp fraud)
    • Federated Stores (test store shop lifting security procedures. Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Workman's Comp investigation)
    • Wells Fargo Bank (subject location & Texas Supreme Court certified process service, DFW Workman's Comp verification)
    • Radio Shack (new hire management, background, Workman's Comp investigation)
    • Boy Scouts of America(criminal background)
    • American Eagle (illegal pilot medical background-Dallas, TX Workman's Comp injury verification)
    • Geico Insurance (accident investigation/statements, injury verification)
    • Utica Insurance (fraud investigation/TX Workman's Comp)
    • Republic Insurance (scene investigation/witness location)
    • Great Western Insurance (injury verification/claims handling/verification of Workman's Comp 2nd job)
    • Eros LLC (Internet Intellectual property theft investigation)
    • American Century Insurance Co (Outside employee work verification Dallas TX Workman's Comp fraud investigation)
    • Landmark Healthcare (TX employee background check)
    • BEHR Paint (employee theft)
    • GroupFive PhotoSports (Investigation of Theft of Intellectual Property/Service of Cease and Desist citation)

    We are the Dallas Fort Worth Texas areas leading licensed corporate private investigation company. We are bonded and insured and have a staff attorney to provide legal assistance from negligence demands to subrogation collection. We do the most comprehensive assets check in the state of Texas and we take credit cards

    Investigation Resource Service

    The cybersex-toy-theft caper in virtual world, a very real problem.
    Missing Brother found...
    Found Ex-Husband after years of no communication...
    Ebay Scam gone wrong...
    Dentist needed help find Patient's with Alzheimer's relative
    Sherlock Holmes of Texas
    research and advise on what ex-wife's profits
    Injury found to be a scam...
    Client tracked and made to pay...
    Possible spousal infidelity proven true
    Female PI caught cheating spouse!!

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